The Project Clinic

The Project Clinic is a full-service project/programme consulting practice based in Banbury UK.



We bring OUR years of successful project delivery experience to YOUR current project difficulty and help, initially by performing a speedy situational -analysis and then by restoring the project onto a clear path to successful delivery.



Small discrete workpackages OR large sprawling programmes, they all share similar fail -characteristics.



For Customers, we can represent you and deal with your suppliers directly and for Suppliers, we can mediate in difficult customer delivery -type scenarios. 



We can lead or advise either party, it's up to you.


Projects are our only business!

Our core focus is always on Project Execution and whatever is needed to guarantee your successful delivery.


We avoid the politics, we don't judge, we observe hard, we listen well, we take an independent and objective view on the project and we create clear activity -based plans based upon our findings that will restore clarity, reinvigorate momentum and re-enthuse the people to a successfull outcome. 


Find out more about us and how our specific project -solutions can work for you.

Why is The Project Clinic different?

1.  We offer consulting -practice expertise at contractor -type rates.


2.  We deliberately don't "land & expand", we keep our staffing levels purposely -low ensuring that our outputs and delivery -performance focuses on highest quality outcomes, right quality first time, every time.



3. We become invested in your success, believing that your success is our reward in the longer term. Simple, good old fashioned customer -relationship values, not overwhelmed by legal, procurement, or other big -company complexity. Simple.

Discretion is absolutely assured in all of our dealings.