Our strategy: your path to success

Our tried and tested strategy delivers sound and sustainable IT solutions for every facet of your project/programme/activity, right down to the smallest detail.


Our team of professional consultants are held to the highest standards. Our experience has led us to develop a methodology that produces consistent results right across the board.

These are the five core values by which we operate :


Yes, a much cliched term that we take very seriously. For our rates, we are confident we deliver more business value to all of our customers head-for-head than any other like consultancy. We're not happy if we're not delivering the very best value to our customers.


If we can't do something well, we wont do it, we won't just put in a body to a task for the sake of it. That approach erodes trust and ruins the value offered.


We tell you the way we see it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Most customers receive this approach as being "refreshing", no b/s, straight, honest, open, incisive observation underpinned by hard -work and ruthless commitment to deliver value.


We deliver all aspects of the implementation process, including strategic planning, design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation with a degree of passion and commitment that is hard to find elsewhere.


During the implementation process, we work so closely with your existing team that we become one of your team, producing the best possible results.

Critical Self -Monitoring

It's part of our job at The Project Clinic "to do what we say AND say what we do", you will find that we are true to our word, the most important aspect of our daily work is our promise, we promise carefully, with consideration so as to ensure that what's promised will be achieved, on time, on the money and with a real value to it.


We set our own standards high and expect others to follow suit.

Driven to Achieve

There has to be something more in project services these days, the big consultancies deliver their own type of value, volume and transactional -cost, and these have their place.


We deliver a more intimate niche arrangement, where the trust is high, the relationship impeccable and take a pride in having a small number of customers with steady, consistent and value -based repeat business.


We don't want to be big, we want to deliver value for your money, deliver a decent job and be asked to do more because we deliver good content every single time. 


This is our operating model, no fancy MBA Strategy, no balance -scorecard measuring our deliverables, no PA's organising our diaries, solid and competent work done right each time, every time.