The Project Clinic's Services

Niche Service - Programme/Project Repair & Recovery


1. Diagnosis & Evaluation


First we analysis the current situation at hand using a simple but highly effective 100-Question Project Assessment Tool which produces a rapid result and points to the immediate and obvious weaknesses that will be pursued in further detail, later.


We then ask for all relevant project materials to be made available for detailed analysis & review.


  • RFP/RFIs (Requests for Proposals/Information)
  • Project Delivery Statements, Scope Documents, Terms of Reference et al
  • RAID Logs,
  • Specifications, Functionals, Technicals,
  • Process Descriptions,
  • Systems Manuals, Handbooks and Procedures
  • Templates, Change Logs, Control Books,
  • All forms of MIS, Metrics, Measures and Reports,
  • Job Specifications, Organograms and Governance Definitions & Procedures. 


All of these documents are reviewed relative to the outputs from the Rapid Project Assessment Tool.



2. Programme/Project Team Interviews


As the Project Study Exercise progresses, we arrange a series of open -interviews (preferably face-to-face) with all key parties. We will most likely cover Customer/Supplier/Sponsors and Executives, indeed those key players with vested interest in the activity.


Usually 2 interviews are held with each individual, the first to ask questions & gather information which we document and pass back to the individual to authenticate accuracy of content and then most likely a follow -up interview to confirm further emerging detail, relative to the on-going Project Study exercise.

3. Repair & Recovery Playback


The third and final stage of this particular service comes in the form of a clear and precise report describing the findings from all of the above and of most importance, a detailed How-To guide explaining what needs to be done to get the project back onto a road for successful delivery.


This content is relayed to the customer in a formal "Recovery Play-Back" presentation where our findings, analysis and recommendations (with plans etc) are imparted to customer. 



Approach Taken

The approach take during the above is very important to note :-


  • We look to ensure that the Programme Recovery activity is owned and lead by the incumbent team (unless of course the customer wishes otherwise). 
  • Our niche is to offer keen observation from years of know-how and to subtly adjust and re-point the existing personnel accordingly rather than by adding (or looking to to add in) further resource onto what's most likely an already dynamic and busy environment.
  • The real value of this service to the receiving party is the mix of the independent observation underpinned by field experience communicated back to the project & programme team and for the adjustments to be applied from within the programme rather than be done by others.
  • All too often, changes made to project type activities from new/external parties don't achieve sufficient traction amongst the wider team so be successful.
  • In certain circumstances, we will take on the Recovery Task but only on an exceptional basis.