And on to the £ side of things

The fact of the matter is that there is no fixed price tariff as such.


We like to work along the following lines but these points are entirely negotiable to suit the customers needs, budgets & timelines.




We prefer to engage on "point -work", meaning on specific goals/objectives, like "Deliver an RFP Outcome", "Implement a System", "Bring Project X back on Track", a set number of days to deliver a specific outcome.


We prefer this route because we believe this provides the customer with the best value possible. If we mess up, we lose out, not the customer, so the incentive is on us to do it right, first time, every single time!




We can supply a qualfied PM for any duration into any role but the difference is in the selction process. Our name is only as good as the job -delivered and that is wholly dependent on getting the person placed, exactly right.


3. £ TERMS


Some range of the following.....


  • £100 per hour OR £650 per day worked irrespective of # of hours delivered.


  • We can size up any package of work into a fixed price deal based on the specific task required.


  • We do pass on basic expenses, like hotel bills if necessary and sometimes petrol costs if the travelling involved is excessive.




We don't charge for......


  • Travelling time, that's our issue,


  • Overtime OR unsocial hours like weekend work etc - we don't believe in that concept,


  • Any form of material -production, that's ours to deal with so colour -print costs, admin expenses in producing customer outputs are not passed on.





Professional Work, high Quality Outputs - At a cost that reflects the value delivered and nothing more than that.